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Ah don' need no stinkin' title!

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8/27/08 05:24 am - Don't listen to the books if they tell you to set fires.

Information, both canon and conjecture, surrounding the Librarian movie series.

Librarians and Library StaffCollapse )

Allies and EnemiesCollapse )

Location and SecurityCollapse )

ArtifactsCollapse )

They Contact YouCollapse )

7/16/08 03:52 pm - Current RP Cast List on LJ

Here they are, folks!Collapse )

5/27/08 09:01 pm

Policie PeoplesCollapse )

4/27/08 05:57 pm - Ianto Jones: Things We Know

Jones, Ianto JonesCollapse )

2/13/08 08:39 pm - Brethren Court | Theo's Family

Brethren CourtCollapse )

Theo's FamilyCollapse )

OMG Cover Story AUCollapse )

1/22/07 03:55 pm - George/McGoogly crackship

Hokay. So there's this thing with a thing that does this thing. And yeah.
As many of you probably/possibly know, hailthewarrior and I still RP. Rather a lot, actually. And, well, we ended up going into HP a while ago... as in last winter/spring. That was our big story-arch of the school year, actually. And, well... Anyone who's RP'd with me knows that when you present a concept to me, even if it's completely the opposite of what I had planned, I'll probably run with it. Because it's shiny and oh hee yay! Yeah. I'm easily distracted and stuff (this has resulted many times in extreme character development, and even the death of more than one).

So anyway. Not just death comes of these events. Sometimes love blooms...

Have I ever told you of the love of Minerva and George Weasley? Oh, what a beautiful pair...Collapse )

hailthewarrior played Fred, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hale
hawkelf played George, McGonagall, Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione
We hereby apologize to anyone this offends, but it's not really our fault that you disagree about fandom being fuckin' funny. Also we apologize for the Americanisms and misspellings that occurred while we apparently were imbibing on crack.
Any viewpoints or opinions expressed in the commentaries and disclaimers are those of hawkelf only and in no way reflect those of other RPers or even hailthewarrior, who was not consulted before the posting of this transcript. All material is intended merely to entertain, and remember: neither of us really do crack.

Anyone want the transcript posted of what George had to say about his marriage at the check-in we did on him and Fred at their shop about half a year later?

The person who makes icons and/or fic and/or something out of McGonagall/George and shows it to me wins. I'm not sure what the person wins, but there'll probably be a prize eventually.

...please? Feed my rather bizarre 'ship?
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11/17/06 12:48 am - OOC OF DOOM

Note: This is a list of diseases for an RP involving a different character entirely, stuck here for ease of purpose.

Disease, yayCollapse )

9/19/05 08:56 pm

Ah've moved. De cat's still 'ere, though. Ah'm at gwenbird now.

Quit de PPC. Eh well.

9/11/05 01:19 pm

Ah have a kidnapped six-year-old female human descendant o' me brot'er living here in de kitchens wit' me and M'rrahr. An' it be Lupsey's fault.


What do six-year-olds eat? And who's willing to take her off our hands before we accidentally kill her?

9/9/05 04:21 pm - Gwen

Memes gacked from de mum.

The Random Question Meme!Collapse )

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

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