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Information, both canon and conjecture, surrounding the Librarian movie series.

The Librarians are a secret society that has existed for centuries, often undertaking transglobal adventures to recover items. Their purpose is to gain knowledge, use the artifacts for the betterment of mankind, and protect them from people who would use them for evil purposes.

Ptolemy II Philadelphus (founded the Alexandrian)
Zenodotus (early 3rd century BC - Alexandria)
Apollonius of Rhodes (mid-3rd century BC - Alexandria)
Eratosthenes (late 3rd century BC - Alexandria)
Aristophanes of Byzantium (early 2nd century BC - Alexandria)
Aristarchus of Samothrace (late 2nd century BC - Alexandria)
Hypatia (last Alexandrian)

Eldred the Truly Wonderful
Judson (see Library Staff)
Edward Wilde (previous Librarian)
- had a relationship with Noone
- went bad
- worked for the Serpent Brotherhood
- was defeated by Carson
Flynn Carson (current Librarian)
- took clarinet lessons when he was young
- at nine, argued with Stephen Hawking bout the correctness of the central thesis in one of Hawking's books
- at 31 had 22 academic degrees (12 Bachelors, 6 Masters, 4 PhDs) including 4 in Egyptology
- possesses observational and deductive skills comparable to Sherlock Holmes
- knows the Dewey Decimal System, the Library of Congress research paper orthodoxy, and web searching
- can set up an RSS feed
- managed to decode the Language of the Birds in just over seven hours
- uses an equation to cheat at online poker
- best friend is Excalibur

Library Staff:
- doesn't do funny
- was married once, to a Gaston
- likes wine tasting
- goes to combination speed dating and wine tastings
- has mononucleosis
- broke her nose at 5
- has three cats (white himalayan, tortoiseshell, orange-striped tabby)
- very tight with the Library's funds, will look for any excuse to dock pay
- hates kiss-asses
- might have once been bodyguard to a Librarian, probably Judson (rumored)

- the head librarian
- appears to magically appear and disappear
- appears in convenient television screens
- appears in other people
- call it an overall, weird omniscient/magical thing
- was a marine
- was also the Librarian at some point
- enjoys flying kites and buying things on eBay

Nicole Noone
- began working for the Library in 1999
- serves as the Librarian's bodyguard; the brawn to his brains
- youngest of three siblings, the only girl
- her mother is English, her father is Argentinean
- does not know Spanish
- she has no pets
- her favorite stone is jade
- an excellent fighter
- fearless
- has a bad habit of falling for the Librarian
- takes her job very seriously

John & Chris
- the latest security guards

Known Allies and Assistants:
Emily Davenport
- archaeologist
- holds 25 degrees
- can argue convincingly about ancient history, Biblical texts, and geography
- has a special passion for King Solomon

Simone Renoir
- vampire
- hundreds of years old
- was once an opera singer
- now deceased

Known Enemies:
Serpent Brotherhood (they were behind the riots in Alexandria)
The Serpent referred to in the Brotherhood's name is the serpent who brought knowledge to Adam and Eve. It was a splinter group of Librarians that split while the Library was still in Alexandria. They wished to use the power of the artifacts to rule the world, and wage secret war against the Librarians, who try to stop them. The Serpent Brotherhood were behind the riots that destroyed the first, Alexandrian Library.

Scorpion League (time traveling ninjas)

Vampires (Judas was the first)

Location and Security:
Located under the Metropolitan Public Library
Entrance is located in a small reading room off Charlene's office
Removing Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream from the shelf opens the door to the elevator
Two people turning keys are required to open the elevator (the army got it from them)
Armed guards in grey uniforms with submachine guns are located at the top and bottom of the elevator
A security fail-safe only allows time to take one item, assuming you can break in
Excalibur is both very playful once he likes you and very protective of the Library

The Artifacts in the Library

Ali Baba's Flying Carpet
the Ark of the Covenant
book containing the Language of the Birds
the Golden Fleece
the Goose that laid the Golden Egg
the Holy Grail
King Midas
Little Boy (atomic bomb)
the Mona Lisa (copy in the Louvre)
Pandora's Box
Rocketeer's Jetpack
the Spear Longinus (Spear of Destiny)
Tesla's Death Ray
a Unicorn

Crystal Skull
directions to King Solomon's mines
H.G. Wells' Time Machine
Key of Solomon
Pan's Flute
Poseidon's Trident
Medusa's Head
the Shroud of Turin

Black Beard's Chest
Da Vinci's Diary
flying saucer
Fountain of Youth
Noah's Ark
Philosopher's Stone
Ten Commandments (possibly)

Contact Info:
They contact you via a nice piece of stationary with magically appearing, curly caligraphy, in a form similar to below:

Metropolitan Public Library

You have been selected
to interview for a
prestigious position with the
Metropolitan Public Library
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