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Ah don' need no stinkin' title!

Recent Entries

8/27/05 10:03 pm

...'s druther pit'ful 'ow lidle dis t'ing gets updated.

Te sum up latest 'vents fer dose o' us sharin' dis t'ing:

Rumor's gone off someplace wit' Kit, AHE, an' dose boys dey kept 'angin' 'round. Dey don' be plannin' te come back, neit'er. 'Les somet'in' changes, any'ow. AHE's still workin', technic'ly, but dis ain't 'er journal, is it?

So, 's me an' M'rrahr in de kitchen, an' dat's all dat's left o' de aut'or's folks 'round HQ.

...ain't talked te de dergs lately. Y'all been 'voidin' me or somet'in'?
'S eer'ly quiet. Spooky-lahke.

5/26/05 10:34 am

That bloo'y stupid freakin' angel'd better freakin' well stop freakin' me out 'cause Ah swear de boyo's doin' it on purpose. Bloo'y stupid freakin' angel. Feathered father, Treeleaf freakin' well ken'd more 'bout people when 'e came 'ere dan dis lad does. Ye'd t'ink dat an overgrown feather duster'd 'ave te ken more 'bout de workin's o' society, but nooooo.

...dat lad'll drahve me crazy if'n Ah dun' watch out.


Bloo'y o'ergrown pidgeon.


3/15/05 10:57 pm - Rumor!

Whee! New icons for everybody! I like mine! Lots! ...some of the others don't seem so thrilled with theirs, though! Too bad...

DBH is funfun to work in! The little kiddies are all really sweet! Even the fire-breathing ones!

I'm out of time... Too bad...


11/29/04 02:50 pm - M'rrahr

Well, I was finally told that I would have the pleasure of sharing this LJ with Rumor and Gwen, so I figured I might as well post something to say that yes, I do exist here. Hello.

...and for the record, the mood icons that Rumor picked disturb me. And the format Gwen put on aggravates me. Just because this used to be her journal. Sheesh. Though the 'kill a mouse' thing amuses me greatly.

10/1/04 10:33 pm - Agent Rumor here.

Just dropping a note to say that I'll be posting in this journal from now on! Because I transfered to Bleeding Hearts, and apparently they need the space at the other journal for Treeleaf! Anyway! That's it!


9/25/04 02:11 pm

Well, Ah s'pose Ah should act'lly put somet'ing in dis, eh? Not sure what, though.

'parently Ah started a fashion or somesuch. Rumor's thinkin' 'bout gettin' 'er own LJ now too. Somet'in' 'bout not bein' partners with Kit anymore. *shrug*

But don' 'xpect much by way o' postage from me. Ah 'spect dis t'ing's goin' te be used few an' far between times.

Coolie icons, though.
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