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George/McGoogly crackship

Hokay. So there's this thing with a thing that does this thing. And yeah.
As many of you probably/possibly know, hailthewarrior and I still RP. Rather a lot, actually. And, well, we ended up going into HP a while ago... as in last winter/spring. That was our big story-arch of the school year, actually. And, well... Anyone who's RP'd with me knows that when you present a concept to me, even if it's completely the opposite of what I had planned, I'll probably run with it. Because it's shiny and oh hee yay! Yeah. I'm easily distracted and stuff (this has resulted many times in extreme character development, and even the death of more than one).

So anyway. Not just death comes of these events. Sometimes love blooms...

So, to set the scene... Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and George are talking about recent events... And arguing whether or not Ginny should be allowed to fight in the final battle. At the Burrow, where most of the Order and such have gathered. (I apologize for our extreme AUness and horrible Americanisms, though I at least tried to keep those out.)

Ginny: And why not? All the teachers are right there, anyways!
George: Ginny, you are the youngest. Every one of us is sunk in this mess up to our necks. If something happens... You're all that Mum might have left.
Ginny: Don't you dare use the mom card on me!
George: I'm not. Dad is.
Ginny: She'd still have Percy! However bad that sucks...and Charlie!
Ron: *has the "she's got a point" look*
Harry: *sighs*
George: Charlie's just as involved as any of us. And Percy... you have to be joking.
Ginny: Maybe he'd eventually pull his head out of his ass to care enough about his mom...if he can't, I hope LV crucio's him until he dies.
Hermione: Ginny!
Ron: *proud moment*
Harry: *proud moment*
George: *sigh* Take it up with Dad, alright? Besides... *pulls mournful look* If Fred and I die and something happens to you, who'll put Hogwarts' toilet seats on our graves?
Hermione: Ron! Harry! ...George!
George: Hermione!
Ron: Ginny!
Harry: Ron!
Hermione: ...

And then it begins...

Ginny: McGonagall would do it.
George: I dare say she would... She always did have a thing for me, you know... But not with as much style as you.
Ginny: *grinning* I did have some serious style, didn't I?
Ron: Wicked style.
George: Bloody awe-inspiring. Moved poor Gred to tears, more than once.
Ginny: Really?

And George lines himself up for the joke...

George: Really. *nods* He always was the sentimental type, though... Do you really think McGonagall'd blow up toilets for me? Do you think it'd be too sudden to ask her to marry me?
Hermione: *choking noises*
Ginny: She's a little old for you....
George: But what is age in the face of love as true as ours?
Ron: That's disgusting.
George: *pitying look at Ron* You will learn, dear brother, that the more progressed women know more.
Harry: *chuckles* Which teacher did you sleep with, George?
George: I am saving myself for dear McGonagall. For so long I feared that she did not return my love... But now, I have been given hope.

And takes it up a notch...

George: Actually, it was Fred. He slept with Pomfrey. Don't ask.
Ron: Pomfrey?! Madam Pomfrey?
Harry: Hm. I thought it would've been Hooch...
Ginny: That's...disgusting.
George: I said don't ask... And that was Lee, Harry.
Harry: okay, Hermione?
Hermione: ... *burries face in hands*
Ron: *shakes head*

Just can't leave well enough alone, can he? Poor Hermione... It's just going to get worse...

McG herself: *walks into the room* Ah, George, there you are.
Hermione: *more choking noises*
Ginny: *can't stifle laughter*
McG: Molly was looking for you... Whatever is the matter with Miss Granger?
Ron: No...way...
Harry: *falls on the bed, laughing*
George: *face fills with adoration* Minerva... my love... my heart's dove. Is it really you?
Ron: *clutches a pillow and shoves his face in it*
Hermione: *gasps out* Heart's dove?
George: *shoots a glare at Hermione and Ron*
McG: Mr. Weasley... are you feeling quite well?
Harry: rolling on the bed*
Ginny: giggling so hard she's crying*
George: There is no need to hide your true feelings any longer, Minerva. I am no longer your student, and you are no longer my professor. I know, before, that there were taboos, but now there are no such limitations upon us.
McG: Mr. Weasley, what on earth are you talking about?
Fred: *wanders in* *surveys scene* George! You didn't!

Quick, Fred! Maybe you can salvage the situation!

George: *ignores twin* Minerva... For so long I have longed for even the briefest sign of your favour. But no longer! I must know! Before war sweeps us apart forever, I must ask! *kneels* Minerva, I have no ring to offer you. That won't turn into a spider. But will you marry me anyway? *eyes shining, etc, soppy stuff*
Fred: *speechless*

Guess not. Oh dear.

*all others stop to hear the reply*
Hermione: *quite possibly forgot the breathe*
McG: *mouth moves, no sound comes out*

I'd like to state that here the two of us just sort of paused to marvel at our creation and wonder what the blazes was going on. But trust good ol' Minerva to come to grips...

McG: Mr. Weasley, I'm not sure you're completely in control of yourself.
Ginny: He's definitely in control...
Fred: *coughs* George...let's go blow something up...

Take the out, George! Take the out!

George: I am as in control as I ever might be in your presence! You are like a nova, radiating blinding light throughout the room! Whenever I look at you, I am simply overcome!
Ron: *can't help but laugh*
Harry: Professor McGonagall...I think he's serious....
George: Oh, but I am! Completely and utterly serious!
McG: It would most certainly explain how you never paid attention in my class.
Ginny: *blink* *look at Hermione* *blink*
Hermione: *sorry, mind breaking, come back later*
Fred: Well, then...shall I inform mother there'll be two weddings in the future?
McG: I daresay you might, Mr. Weasley. Because I am saying 'yes' to your brother, if only to make his latest prank blow up in his face.

Oh dear. Y'know... this probably isn't the best grounds for marriage.

George: *lets out a woop of joy*
Hermione: *has probably passed out now*
Ron: *faints*
Harry: *blank look*
Ginny: WHAT?!?!?!
Fred: *looks at George* Good God man...*passes out*
McG: *smirks, kisses George, walks out*
George: *awestruck*
Ginny: George Weasely!
Harry: *snaps out of it* *chuckles* I guess I should congratulate you...

And it hits right about...

George: ...what have I done?
Ginny: When mom hears of this!
Harry: You proposed to our Head of House...and she accepted.


George: What have I done? My freedom? My bachelorhood? My ability to go on benders all night and return to my flat with only Fred to remonstrate me? They're all gone...
Ginny: Mom's coming up the stairs now!
Harry: We still got the Bachelor Party.
George: But... I barely got to try them out!
Mrs. W: *enters the room, has brought cookies*
Ginny: Have you heard?
Harry: *eats a cookie to preoccupy himself*
Mrs. W: Heard what, dear? Have a cookie...
Ginny: That our beloved George is now engaged...*takes the cookie*
George: *kicks Fred* Get up. You're my twin. Be supportive, or something.
Fred: *begins waking up, starts twitching*
Mrs. W: Engaged? To who?!

I think she's taking it very calmly, don't you?

George: *more vicious kicking* Hurry up. Less drama.
Ginny: Professor McGonogall.
Fred: *opens eyes* You're bloody insane. *stands up, slowly*
Mrs. W: *drops plate* Professor McGonogall?
Ginny: Mhm!
George: *to Fred* I realize that.
Fred: Sure, I slept with a teacher, but marrying?!

Oh, Fred, never forget your mother's in the room...

Mrs. W: Fred Weasley! You slept with a teacher?!
George: *notes how this is worse than marrying one*
Fred: I plead the 5th!
Ginny: Wrong country, dimwit.
Harry: *chuckles to himself*
George: We've never even been to America.
Fred: Shut up. So what if I did...lots of teachers were doing one of their ways to get back at Umbridge. Besides...I'm not marrying someone who is fifty years older than me...
Mrs. W: At least he's actually marrying her!

Good ol' Mrs. Weasley. You can always count on her for good, old-fashioned values.

Ginny: I...uh...*speechless*
Fred: Do you honestly want me to marry Madam Pomfrey?
Ron: *begins to stir* It was only a dream...
Mrs. W: *cough, hack* Madam Pomfrey is mourning the loss of Dumbledore.
Fred: Exactly, problem solved.
Harry: Dumbledore always wanted more love in the is the ultimate weapon.
George: All you need is love...
Hermione: *wakes up* No. Singing.

It wouldn't be a hailthewarrior & hawkelf production without the pointless and ridiculous asides.

Ron: I'm going to be related to Professor McGonogall...*faints again*
Ginny: Percy'll *insert harsher word for crap* bricks.
Mrs. W: Ginny, watch your tongue!
Ginny: Yes, Mum.
George: I'm just going to... go have a bit of a lie down... *stays where he is*
Fred: Well, then. I guess someone's got to tell dad...
George: Notit.

Way to take responsibility there, kid!

Mrs. W: Notit.

Oh, that's just ridiculous...

Ginny: Notit.
Fred: Notit.
Harry: Notit.
Hermione: Notit.

When we're too in shock due to our own playing to do anything else, we seem to always throw in a 'notit' scene.

Fred: *looks at Ron* Ron it is!
George: *slaps Ron on the back* Make me look good.
Ron: *still passed out*
George: Right. *faints*

I was waiting for that to happen...

Mrs. W: *looks at him, shakes head, wanders out*

Harry: *looking at George* I wonder what Alicia's going to say...
Hermione: I don't know, and I have no opinion.

Hale, one of the OCs we threw in: *from downstairs* HE PROPOSED TO WHO?!
Fred: And it's out.

Later they got married, and were last seen living very happily together.

hailthewarrior played Fred, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hale
hawkelf played George, McGonagall, Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione
We hereby apologize to anyone this offends, but it's not really our fault that you disagree about fandom being fuckin' funny. Also we apologize for the Americanisms and misspellings that occurred while we apparently were imbibing on crack.
Any viewpoints or opinions expressed in the commentaries and disclaimers are those of hawkelf only and in no way reflect those of other RPers or even hailthewarrior, who was not consulted before the posting of this transcript. All material is intended merely to entertain, and remember: neither of us really do crack.

Anyone want the transcript posted of what George had to say about his marriage at the check-in we did on him and Fred at their shop about half a year later?

The person who makes icons and/or fic and/or something out of McGonagall/George and shows it to me wins. I'm not sure what the person wins, but there'll probably be a prize eventually.

...please? Feed my rather bizarre 'ship?
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