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Ianto Jones: Things We Know

Ianto Jones:
- born August 13, 1983, according to "Fragments"
- father WAS tailor, according to "Something Borrowed"
- likes old cinema, as seen in "Out of the Rain"
-- + Dad took him to see old movies at the Electro
- grew up in or near Cardiff
- caught shoplifting at 14, according to "Fragments"
- good at school but not exceptional, according to "Fragments"
- no mention of uni as of "Fragments"
- 'drifted' after school, according to "Fragments"
- held numerous jobs pre-Torchwood, according to "Fragments"
- worked two years at Torchwood One, according to "Fragments"
-- + was junior researcher
- had/has? portable rift monitor from Torchwood One
- been working at Torchwood Three for 21 months, as of "Fragments"
-- + been there roughly a year before Gwen?
- can crunch large numbers quickly, mentally
- very good memory for information
-- prides himself on knowledge of Torchwood/archives, as seen in "Sleeper"
-- + knows number of people retconned, immediately, as seen in "They Keep Killing Suzie"
- the only one who can operate Torchwood Three's coffee machine, according to Captain's Logs
-- + and keep everyone's orders straight
- very effective at the sneaky-fighty bit
-- + hid Lisa for months, to over a year, according to "Cyberwoman"
--- * kept under everyone's radar during this time
-- + mad smile and head-butt for Tosh in "Countrycide"
-- + shot Owen in the shoulder in "Captain Jack Harkness"
-- + when lacking SUV immediately got taxi in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
-- + took Weevils out with one shot each in "Exit Wounds"
- Myfanwy came with him to Torchwood Three, in "Fragments"
-- + probably was taking care of Myfanwy and Lisa both
-- + did so for several months before joining Torchwood Three?
- attracted to Jack from day one
-- + initiated the flirting, in "Fragments"
-- + initiated the sex, in "They Keep Killing Suzie"
-- + demanded more than pt-s status
--- * initiated openness about relationship
---- ^ see hints of him having talked/talking about it, as of "Sleeper"
---- ^ see him dancing with Jack in "Something Borrowed"
--- * never acted unsure of Jack/jealous
--- * has a demonstrably equal status w/Jack
---- ^ see Captain's Logs
------ > Jack admitting should have consulted Ianto on going to Weevil den
------ > Jack conceding Ianto's GPS point
------ > Jack needing Ianto to give him strength after "Adrift"
------ > Jack taking Ianto out
------ > Jack demanding Ianto take Jack out
------ > Jack thinks himself lucky to have Ianto
---- ^ see Jack's faith in him, as of "Adam"
---- ^ see ability to tease Jack, as of "Sleeper"
---- ^ see Jack having to work to regain relationship after disappearing
- very loyal to partners
-- + hated himself for flirting his way into Torchwood Three
--- * see look of anguish walking away after getting hired in "Fragments"
-- + will do anything to help/save/revenge them
--- * bloodthirsty little bastard
---- ^ see willingness to kill Jack for Lisa in "Cyberwoman"
---- ^ see stun gun to the head in "Meat"
---- ^ see 'kill you. very slowly.' in "Exit Wounds"
--- * will sell himself to help them, see "Fragments"
---- ^ including flirting
---- ^ including taking demotions
---- ^ including giving up pets as bait
-- + believed vision of Lisa in "End of Days"
-- + took it very badly when Jack left, according to Captain's Logs
--- * took him back anyway, poor kid
- not a blind follower
-- + see arguing with Owen in "Captain Jack Harkness"
-- + see siding with Owen in "End of Days"
-- + see vocalizing disapproval loudly in "Sleeper"
-- + see griping in "Meat"
-- + see giving Gwen GPS to island in "Adrift"
-- + see arguing with Jack in "Fragments"

- dress-up is regular part of games with Jack
-- + see Jack's and Ianto's conversations with Martha regarding UNIT cap in "Reset"
-- + see reference to Jack's traveling show costume in Captain's Logs for "Out of the Rain"
- has a thing for stopwatches, as of "They Keep Killing Suzie" and "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
- can get his hands out of ropes, as of "Meat"
- has handcuffed Jack to a chair before, hinted in Captain's Logs
-- + and not let him go
- keeps a diary, as of "Adam"
-- + with Jack's *cough* measurements in
-- + mostly a day-to-day log of activity
- uses "Sex and the City" for fake ID ideas, according to Captain's Logs
- took it badly when only little orphan boy survived in "Out of the Rain"
-- + got sniffly
- immediately knew where Providence Park, psychiatric hospital was in "Out of the Rain"
-- + down to encyclopedic knowledge, or no?
- speaks Japanese, as of "Cyberwoman"
- when not wearing a suit, most often seen with:
-- + some sort of denim jacket
--- * khaki in "Countrycide"
--- * dark blue in "Fragments"
-- + button-down shirt
--- * light-colored with shirt under in "Countrycide"
--- * mostly white, top two unbuttoned, with tight necklace and nothing in "Fragments"
--- * dark, also top two unbuttoned
-- + blue jeans, straight-legged and with fading
--- * loose for work, in "Countrycide"
--- * snugger for convincing, in "Fragments"
- butler thing
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