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Ah don' need no stinkin' title!

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The below information is no longer pertinent: this is now for all purposes a sock journal in which I stick information regarding RP so I don't have to muck with my own journal's flock. That is all.


Ah'm a werehawk. Ain't 'eard o' us? Ain't surprised- we ain't 'xactly de kahnd te adv'tize.
Ah work in de kitchens o' PPC HQ along wit' M'rrahr, who be sharin' this journal. 'Riginally, Ah'm from Scotland, but that be sev'ral 'undred years past now.
Lupe an' Sang count as my pack, tho' a 'awk 'aving a pack's a bit odd. Ah call Lupe 'Mum' 'cause it's fun, and feel free te ask 'bout that time Sang got in a cage match wit' Wolverine o' de X-men.

An' 'pparently Ah'm s'posed te mention me accent. If ye had no' figured tha' out alrea'y. I actually can type without it. Ah jest don't, usual-times. On account of my speech patterns looking even odder without all the odd spelling and appostrophes.

Hello. My name is not that hard to pronounce or remember, so please try. I am feline, and male. Gwen is my coworker in the kitchens and cafeteria, but I'm actually on perminant loan to the PPC from my own organization. The Book of Night With Moon is my home continuum.
I am especially partial to pastromi, and am perfectly willing to accept any and all donations of it or any deli meats.
I also like cheese.

If you hadn't noticed, I have better grammer than Gwen does, even though I'm a cat, and she's at least humanoid, a condition which is supposed to make her superior. I thought I should point this out.

Rumor is no longer actively posting on this journal- her entries are still present because no one can bother to delete them. The same holds true to her icon.